Meditation Classes

Meditation in the Workplace

Did you know that the average person makes 12 fight-or-flight decisions a day?

Or that increased cortisol levels from our fight-or-flight response can suppress the immune system and decrease the number of brain cells, thus impairing memory and prematurely aging the brain?

Most of us have fight-or-flight responses that have gone out of control. In the modern workplace, these hyperactive reflexes are now a detriment, causing unnecessary stress that wreaks havoc on our lives, our health, and our sense of well-being.

Companies like Google, Apple, and Yahoo are combating stress and employee burnout by teaching their employees meditation and mindfulness techniques and encouraging them to go within. Their employees have reaped many benefits, such as:

  • Increased mental strength with improved memory retention and recall
  • Greater cognitive skills, including decision making, problem solving, and creative thinking
  • Improved focus (by 1000%) and a greater capacity for ignoring distractions
  • Better sense of well-being with reduced fear, anxiety, and depression
  • Greater resilience against stress and adversity
  • Increased optimism and awareness
  • Improved mood and emotional intelligence

I offer a series of  eight 30-minute meditation classes where you can:

  • Try out different meditation styles and find one (or more) that works for you
  • Learn mini-stress break or mindfulness exercises to help you relax in any situation
  • Unwind and train your mind to rest and simply witness and observe your own thoughts, without letting them create a whirlpool of anxiety
  • Increase your self-understanding and understanding for others

Research shows that meditation brings great physical and mental health benefits after even as little as 8 weeks of practice, so why not give it a try?

If you’re interested in learning meditation in your organization, contact me (lisa at lisavoisin dot com).

Training in Power

I also teach smaller, more intimate classes in a more relaxed setting.  For more information about these courses see, Training in Power.